Anonymous Gifting

**Coming Soon**

Our bracelets allow us to help those that we are close to. Anonymous Gifting allows us to reach those that we are not. 

With anonymous gifting, you can send a bracelet to anyone that needs love without knowing their mailing address, and respecting their boundaries during a time of healing. 


Here is how it works

Step 01

During checkout you will have the option to select “Send as an anonymous gift”

Step 02

You will then be prompted to use an address, if you have one, or a phone number if you do not have one and you would like us to reach out and send it to them anonymously on your behalf

Step 03

You will also be asked to send a message including something personally relatable to them, encouraging them to open the text message link and recieve their bracelet

Step 04

After this, the order is place and we will get to work! We will reach out on your behalf anonymously and deliver the message of thoughtful kindness

Step 05

After 7 days, if they choose to not claim the bracelet, we will contact you through the email address associated with the billing address and give you the option of sending the bracelet to an address of your choice, or receiving a partial refund




*Terms of Service

By using the anonymous gifting outreach program you are agreeing to a non refundable service fee of $10 for the service and accounting practices of Journey Bracelets, LLC.